“Constructing a successful foundation starts by cultivating the right relationship”

Our Vision

Over the years, MARKT SA has developed an extensive and diverse portfolio of construction experience from contemporary to traditional, from new build to renovation, from residential to industrial. We know from experience that achieving excellence and value for money at every stage of the build process can be difficult. MARKT SA have a deep network of partners and employees across Crete and leverage this knowledge on behalf of our clients to assemble and manage the very best team with the skills-sets and experience needed to deliver against a project’s particular requirements.

We prioritize architectural design with a skilled team of architect engineers who emphasize the needs of the project, the wishes of the owners and the modern trends and requirements. Together we discover the art of envisioning and building your perfect home. From contemporary villas to timeless stone houses and industrial buildings, our expertise spans a variety of architectural styles. As your vision takes shape, our journey begins with comprehensive floor plans and perspective drawings. These blueprints evolve into vivid 3D computer-generated images, bringing your design to life, giving you a great preview of the work ahead.

Our Projects

Our team

Each construction project is governed by different principles, requirements and subject to a different level of technical difficulty. Through its network of partners and its exclusive crews, MARKT is able to carry out projects of all types and systems fast and with quality. With emphasis on the right design, the ability to solve problems immediately due to professional expertise, and proper and efficient time management, each construction site has the ability to immediately complete each project within certain time frames.