Maria Kalogeri

Architect, Design Department

Polytimi Kalogeri

Civil engineer, Design Department

Giannis Gkogkolakis

Environmental engineer, Construction Department

Nandia Kavasmi

Architect/Chemical engineer, Design Department

Giorgos Rikounakis

Rural and Surveying Engineer, Construction Department

Giannis Perakis

Electrician, Construction Department

Andreas Terzidakis

Architect, Design/Construction Department

Maria Manousaki

Civil servant of tax offices, Accounting Department

Panagiotis Kalyvianos

Civil engineer, Design Department

Alexandros Nikakis

Electrician, Construction Department

Our Team

   In the dynamic landscape of today’s collaborative work environments, the role of a cohesive team cannot be overstated. A team represents a diverse collection of skills, experiences, and perspectives, each contributing to a rich tapestry of knowledge and creativity. However, the true magic lies in the seamless interplay between these individuals, enabled by effective communication. Communication serves as the lifeblood of the team, facilitating the exchange of ideas, clarifying expectations, and fostering a sense of unity. Clear communication not only prevents misunderstandings but also ignites the spark of innovation as team members freely share insights and solutions.
  Moreover, teamwork transforms individual contributions into a symphony of coordinated efforts. By leveraging each member’s strengths and mitigating weaknesses through collaboration, teams unlock the potential to achieve collective goals that would otherwise be out of reach. The power of teamwork lies not just in the outcomes achieved, but in the shared journey towards those outcomes. A tightly-knit team, bound by a common purpose, can weather challenges more effectively and celebrate successes more joyously, forging bonds that extend beyond the professional realm.