SYN.KA Group Super Market – Tinos

Area: Chora, Tinos
Research: Manolitsi Georgia
Construction: 2016-17
Area: 950sq.m.

The new SYN.KA store in Tinos was

created to be a “signature building”. It is a

clear statement of the corporation to enhance

its presence in the islands of the Aegean

through the promotion of Cretan and local

products and by the creation of strong bonds

with the local markets.

The building develops linearly following the topography and the smooth inclination, simultaneously respecting the context

that is consisted of low height buildings and

solid volumes in the urban blocks. The

construction is a typical sample of steel structure. Steel was chosen due to its high durability and the standardization of the construction.

For the building to be better incorporated into

the context, local materials and textures were

selected for the cladding, with only the part of